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ISBN#: 978-1-4343-6044-1
April 30, 2008
Author House
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200 Bloomington, IN 47403
599 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Tara Reece never had a family. From orphanage to orphanage the only constant person in her life was a boy named Ross Kelly.   But she lost touch with him after she came of  age for a few years.   Tara became pregnant and the father was rushed off to another city and Tara is once again left lonely but also pregnant.  Tara finds Ross, and he eagerly takes her in.  Tara cares deeply for Ross like a brother, but he wants more.  Tara has a dream of handsome man and it held deep meaning to her. 

Daniel(Danny) Cross lives in England and is in the Navy.  Danny always wanted a woman to love him and have a happy marriage.  Danny never has been good with relationships and women seems he never found someone he felt was right.   When he is sent to New York, he meets a very pregnant Tara and falls deeply in love.  Danny takes Tara and Ross with him to England, knowing Tara would feel better with Ross with them. 

 Ross Kelly never had a family like Tara all they ever had was each other.  Ross has loved Tara for a long time, but knows she does not feel the same for him.  Ross thinks that Daniel is just what Tara needs.  Ross never realized what the move would do for him.  After living in a one-bedroom apartment and little money, Danny’s family helped Ross get started on his own career. 

After Tara and Danny get settled in their own home, the problems began.  Danny knew it would take a while for Tara to fall in love with him, but he believed with time love would surely come. But for a few years there is turmoil between them, even though Danny loves the children and still loves Tara.  But years go by and Tara learns the hard way about true love, lust and life.  With the help of a family, children and others maybe just maybe Tara will find true happiness.

This is a very emotional and heartfelt story.  Exceptional characters and some important second characters are the foundation for this awesome tale.  Deep set morals and values as well as commitment is prominent with these characters, it was hard to cheer one character on and not another.  With plenty of life’s twists and turns, life and death this story is filled with every aspect of true life.  An extraordinary read, just right for a rainy day. 

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