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ISBN# Unavailable
July 2007
The Wild Rose Press
19 Pages
Contemporary Inspirational
Rating: 4 Cups

Maggie Carpenter regrets not speaking to her family in eighteen years. She thought there would be time and now it is too late. Maggie returns home to bury her mother. She never made time to ask her mother for forgiveness and feels badly.

Cord, McCord has waited for Maggie. When she returns home, he decides that this time he will do everything to keep her there.

At the cemetery a man comes near and tells her it is never too late, then like the snap of a finger, he vanishes. She smells hyacinths, but it is winter and too cold for them. When she goes to get a bite to eat, she runs into an old friend. Cord has never once forgotten Maggie. He remembers how she trampled his heart and hurt him deeply. She wonders how he could even speak to her. Her mother taught him to forgive and be a Christian. Maggie wishes she could have asked for forgiveness. Once more she goes to the cemetery and the man appears again. His name is Raphael and her mother has indeed forgiven her. She turns and sees only Cord. There is a reason she never returned home and a reason Cord never looked for another. When the secret is fulfilled will it be enough to make them stay together? And in the aftermath of everything, all she smells is the fragrance of hyacinths in winter.

I found Hyacinths in Winter a tender read. Maggie shows many reflections of her emotions making the story realistic. She and Cord have endured much their eighteen years only to have grown stronger in their own way. Nicola Beaumont tells a story with love, devotion, and forgiveness. She permits the reader to see into the heart of her characters showing their tremendous strength.

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