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ISBN#: 9780505527677
October 1, 2008
Love Spell (Dorchester Publishing)
200 Madison Ave., Suite 2000, New York, NY 10016
$7.99 U.S./$9.99 Canada
336 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Manannán mac Lir, Mac, is known as musician, Sidhe, demigod, along with some other selective names. As Guardian of the Celtic Magical Creatures, in the Human World, it is imperative to take his role seriously since he is liable for the faeries. He desires to find a true love. It is something for which he strongly searches.

Artemis Black is a witch who realizes the Samhain is approaching and it is time for her to be ready. One thing she cannot do is sacrifice an infant for her cause. She had no idea her spell would cause such an adverse reaction to the child. Now she must face the consequences.

Mac arrives at the village to check on the infant, and cannot believe death magic and life magic were joined in one spell. He must locate the infant, and search for answers. There was talk that a human might have harmed the child. When Artemis and Mac first meet, sparks fly. He finds the witch somewhat feisty. Artemis frantically tries to recall the spell, which prompts anger from Mac. Something about her entices him in a way he has never felt. Mac wonders if he should make her pay for the crime or offer her help. As they challenge each other, will their attraction, and actions, pull them together or tear them apart?

Joy Nash pens a thrilling read that keeps the reader entertained in Immortals: The Crossing. The robust characters practically leap from the pages with sharp dialogue that mesmerizes. Some of the touching emotions and thoughts of the characters jump straight into the reader’s heart leaving a wonderful feeling. I love the first encounter of Mac and Artemis. Their charisma is magnetic and sinfully delicious. They certainly know how to entice the reader with their charm. Ms. Nash sketches outstanding players that create quite a stir in this exhilarating read which leaves the reader truly satisfied. This extraordinary read comes highly recommended.

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