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ISBN 1-4199-0201-6
June 2005
Ellora’s Cave
207 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Infernal is the latest in Kate Hill’s sexy and shocking Ancient Blood series. Dulcie is married to the perfect husband, Matthew, and living a wonderful life as a vampire. Her world is horrifically changed when an evil vampire interferes with their lives and forces Matthew to take drastic measures. It is her unconditional love for Matthew that gives their marriage strength during these difficult times.

Matthew has tried to control his animal side for years, but he can only truly be himself with his beloved wife Dulcie. As a hematologist, he works relentlessly at helping vampires and is dedicated to his people. His life becomes torn apart when he exposes an evil vampire hurting a child vampire. When he goes to the vampire “network”, they decide against Matthew, and he then rescues the child. The only way to protect his wife, brother, and human family is to hide in a scary underworld of vampires and wolves.

Infernal exposes readers to the harshness of preternatural life and demonstrates that petty politics are everywhere, including the vampire network. Connecting many parts of her previous books, Infernal progresses smooth and spooky while Matthew moves further away from his yuppie doctor lifestyle to life as an outcast. The unique characters from earlier in the series, including the aggravating but sexy Vincent, are present along with a few new ones.

I love being shocked by Ms Hill’s work. Infernal continues to make Ancient Blood an excellent series with strong action, incredibly hot sex, and wonderful characters. Infernal is a stand alone book, with enough references to the series to avoid confusion, but does not read like a Ancient Blood reference book. This is definitely an excellent read and a book I am telling my friends about. The next book in the series is planned to be God of the Grim and I can barely wait.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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