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ISBN#: 978-1-59632-730-6
July 2008
Loose ID, LLC
99 Pages
LGBT Science Fiction
Rating: 5 cups

Armen Markus is the Commanding Interrogator in Sardek prison, one of the worst prisons the Council has. A fighter with the resistance since he was eleven years old and saw his parents destroyed, he will do anything to bring down the new regime.

Ravi Jai is Armen’s ex-lover. He has never forgotten Armen, and is very surprised to see that the man he once loved is now his interrogator.

When Armen sees Ravi being brought into the prison, his heart nearly climbs up into his throat. He never forgot Ravi or stopped missing him, but at the time he felt that his work in the resistance was more important than their relationship. When Armen realizes Ravi will be killed the following day if he does not do something, he has him moved to a different cell block. However, that is all he can do. But Ravi has changed and he thinks that Armen has betrayed everything he once believed in. So, while Ravi thinks to use their previous relationship to get close to Armen, it is not long before old feelings that never really went away surface. When Ravi makes a miscalculation, will Armen be able to save him?

Intimate Traitors is fantastic science fiction romance! Ms. Amara is gifted at getting the reader inside the heads of the main characters. You feel everything Armen and Ravi feel, and then some. The emotional tension is so tight throughout the story that you are just waiting for it to snap. The world building is exceptional, and while the author does not say the country they are living in was once the United States, one wonders given certain clues dropped. The lovemaking is intense, emotional, and tightly written, making it a truly great read. I will now read anything by Astrid Amara!

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