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March 2009
Lyrical Press, Inc.
209 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Wade Conyers is home and ready to get on living; seeing the horrors of war was enough to make any man want to be close to family. With his beautiful wife Marcella by his side, he drove home into the waiting arms of his family with hopes to begin a little normalcy after such a hectic time in the military.

Lindsey Conyers knows her father does not believe in equality for others, especially for minorities, but she does not feel that way. When her date ends up driving drunk and causing an accident, it is none other than Logan Redhawk who treats her for her injuries.

Wade finds himself having flashbacks of his time in Vietnam and the death of his best friend, bringing complications to his newly married life. Lindsey finds herself falling for the beautiful doctor but is concerned when her father shows signs of anger at him being a Native American. Meanwhile, the younger brother Heath continues to try to find his place in the world as a Conyers. Nobody realizes that with Wade coming home and Lindsey dating, it will have a cause and effect that will lead to destruction and death in the most unexpected way.

Jericho Road is a beautifully written depiction of life back in the 1970’s, which featured the war in Vietnam and the war for minorities. Ms. Blackstone shows us what life was like for those who fought so hard to overcome the trials of being unique in a time when it was frowned upon to have a different color of skin. Lindsey is shown as a southern belle with a steel backbone, standing up for what is right, even when it could ultimately hurt her loved ones. Wade is the wounded soldier who is trying to bring life back into his marriage bed, while the flashbacks of death and violence seem to control him. This story has an overall storyline that is very similar to a Shakespearian tragedy, and you will find yourself whole-heartedly involved with the tribulations the Conyers family has and with a shocking ending that will just blow your mind!

Caution: This tale contains scenes of interracial love, nothing erotic it but may not be suitable for every reader.

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