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ISBN# 978-1-59426-392-7(E-book), 978-1-59426-393-4(Trade Paperback)
April 2007
Mundania Press, LLC.
6470A Glenway Ave. #109, Cincinnati, OH 45211-5222
E-book/ trade paperback
$6.00/ $13.95
204 Pages
YA fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

On her seventeenth birthday, Selena Evans learns her family's deep dark secret. Who she is and what she finds out is very surprising and hard for her to believe. Ultimately, she decides to accept her fate and take on a challenge that will both put her in harms way and bless her at the same time.

Roland Evans has never known the truth about himself. Raised by a man who set out to destroy many, he has been lied to and used his whole life, causing Roland to believe he is someone he is not. After Roland learns what he is not sure is the truth, he must make a choice that can bring him either heartache or happiness.

Selena moves forward with her plans to free her family and as she does, she finds many joys and surprises along the way. She must convince Roland to help her because she needs him in order to complete her plan. But can these two young people accomplish what many adults would not dare to try?

Ms. Dumas has written an entertaining story that gives you a bit of breathing room so you can use your imagination to picture the story. This works through out most of the story; however, in some spots I feel it slows the pace considerably. I enjoyed the characters as each of them has a unique quality. Although I am a bit disappointed that by the end of the story one character had simply disappeared, leaving the reader wondering what happened to them. Yet, despite these disappointments, Judgment at Witches Court is an enjoyable read.

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