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ISBN# (10):0-373-29501-4 / (13): 978-0-373-29501-2 Paperback / 978-1-426-81820-2 E-Book
June 1, 2008
Harlequin Enterprises 225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
Trade Paperback and E-Book
$5.99 Paperback and $4.95 E-Book
276 Pages
Western Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Callie Mae Lockett knew all too well usually men never meant what they said. After the death of her brother, she blamed TJ. She never wanted to see him again. Now that she is engaged to another, TJ just happens to come back into her life.

TJ Grier will never forget the falling out he and Callie shared. It does not matter that Callie’s mother still likes TJ; Callie wants nothing to do with him. He has to prove to her he was not responsible for the terrible tragedy that tore them apart.

Callie knows one day the C Bar C Ranch will be hers, it is the Lockett Legacy. When she meets with three entrepreneurs, the three most powerful men in the Texas panhandle, she believes it is a test and she cannot fail. She wants to prove to her mother she is intelligent and brutal as the best of them. Kullen Brosius is nothing like a cowboy, but he is her intended. The lawyer is the only man she desires in her life until TJ manages to come back to the C Bar. TJ cannot believe Callie is fighting the chance to have an exposition on her land of horseracing. It will be a great investment. While trying to get Callie to see he is still the best cowboy around, their lives are thrown together once again with the help of a race horse. Between TJ’s claims, and Kullen’s actions, things change, but when the truth is revealed about past events will Callie push away any chance with TJ?

Kidnapped by the Cowboy is definitely a page-turner. Callie and TJ are remarkable characters. Callie shows her human side by wishing to keep to her roots and not allowing anyone to stand in her way. I love her determination and strength. TJ is most assuredly the cowboy that no woman should allow get away, who will make dreams come true. This spellbinding read of the Wild West and the cowboys who went after their true love is one believable read where the players leap off the pages. Pam Crooks weaves an entertaining story that is well-written and carries a dynamite charge.

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