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ISBN#: Not Assigned
March 2009
The Wild Rose Press
17 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Abbey Jordan owns a nursery and boutique store in Vermont and it is just before Easter when her nursery manager has to leave on a family emergency leaving Abbey in the lurch for immediate help.

Brady Jones lives near the nursery and loves to work in the garden growing his own roses. He needs to find work soon to pay for ballet lessons for his daughter.

Abbey is full of enthusiasm and hope going to work the morning she gets the call that has her world semi-crashing around her. Her manager has to leave immediately and now she is without help in the nursery the week before Easter. Along comes Kayla a young girl asking for a job to help finance her ballet costume when minutes earlier Abbey had sent up a quick prayer for help and now she finds Brady Jones in his garden toiling away growing the most beautiful roses. It has to be a sign from God that just when she needed help it is being shown to her in this way.

I truly found this an exceptionally sweet story and very moving as well. It has its ups and downs, with the ever present little kid in the background along with the good looking neighbor, springtime at its best and all the natural wonders God brings to us. Based on the dedication you will find that it is all true as is life itself and this has a bit of everything you can want, Especially at Easter with life and its rebirth and resurrection. I hope you find what a little faith and trust in a higher power can do, just be prepared for every emotion good and bad, joy and anger as well as tears and smiles, I promise you will enjoy it.

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