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ISBN: 978-1-55487-063-9
June 6, 2007/Re-Released May 15, 2008
227 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic and Beyond
Rating: 2 Cups

Drew Stevens aka Khalid Hassan is the nephew of the infamous Prince Ali. His job is to investigate and eventually procure the beautiful model Mallory Robbins for his uncle. He is not supposed to fall in love with her.

Mallory Robbins is known as Legs to most of the general public. Her modeling career is legendary, but her private life is rather dull.

Mallory finds herself in JoJo’s bar with her best friend Paige once again, however this night will change her life forever. She meets the most amazing man with the most delicious mouth, and spends a night of unbridled passion with him. She soon discovers the dark side of his family when she becomes the next in line to marry his uncle. Drew is not about to allow Mallory to become his uncle’s fourth wife. He, along with his cousin Jamal, devises a plan to free Mallory. The Hollywood detectives investigating Mallory’s disappearance, as well as her friends, soon became allies in the fight to save all of the women under Prince Ali’s imprisonment. Drews’ only concern is to free Mallory, and he will stop at nothing to save her.

Although this story is not exactly predictable, it holds no real appeal. Mallory and Drew’s characters become lost in the midst of so many others, and the dialog between the characters feels forced and unnatural. While the sexy scenes are well written, the story itself feels shallow in comparison. The story has a great premise, but no real substance.

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