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August 15, 2008
Dark Roast Press
195 pages
Erotic Fiction
Rating: 5 cups


Ryan Esson, an artist betrayed by his lover, locks himself away from the world. Six months later, Ryan receives an invitation to a mysterious gathering in the South. His friend and mentor, Iris Brannigan, encourages him to attend.

Eric Zephyrus also go by the name of Eros –god of love-. His mother owns a gallery in New York. When Eric sees Ryan at art show, he falls in love. Meeting Ryan on the boat to Le Jardin de la Lumiere is no accident. Eric begins an earnest pursuit of romance with the one man he believes can save him.

When Ryan finds an odd invitation along with an airplane ticket in his mail, he decides to take a chance. He does not have a clue what to expect when he arrives. An air of mystery surrounds the island and the event. Ryan cannot understand why he received the invitation. Iris convinces Ryan to open his eyes and his heart. Eric pursues Ryan though he may find his own heart broken. Eric gets the help of his family – the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology- so he may obtain what his heart desires most…Ryan.

This is a beautiful story filled with romance, mystery and mythology. The descriptions used seduced my imagination and charmed my heart. The passions and emotions mix well with the touches of humor. The gods and goddesses were delightful in this new twist on the legends. The sex was limited and I thought that really helped the couple to progress toward a true relationship. Eric and Ryan’s connection is a celebration of love and Ms. Fox allows the reader to enjoy these men. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a romantic adventure.

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