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ISBN#: 1606011847
July 2008
Book Strand
264 Pages
Romantic Adventure Fantasy, Multiple Sex Partners
Rating: 3 Cups

Shirley Grainger is a student at the Jane Flockman Institute of Political Science and Ethics. Her field of study is unlike that of a conventional student. She is here to study the art of witchcraft.

Professor Eliza Rundle is the head of the University. Her love for the students is evident in the way that she encourages them to develop and hone the skills they are born with.

Shirley is ecstatic when she is given the name Light o’Love at the naming ceremony; with her skills being cognodynamics and love, the name fits perfectly. However, she is not so fond of the way people expect her to become the next Aphrodite. Light soon learns that having two specialized skills is hard work, especially the sessions that she is having with Nikolai Rostov. He seems to deeply resent that her powers will quickly outshine his own. Nick soon falls under the control of the Dark Light, and Light becomes his sole target. Professor Rundle and the rest of the University staff take great pains to keep Light safe from Nick. They keep a constant vigil, but Nick is always on the move. The professor realizes that Light is much more than the average student, and it will take a combined effort on everyone’s part if they are going to keep her safe. Light knows that there is no stopping Nick without her help, and if it means the ultimate sacrifice…so be it.

Light o’Love is a quirky twist on the wild and crazy days of college life in the 60’s. The characters are fun and refreshing. Light goes from being a shy, intimidated country girl, to a woman in command of her powers. She loves to love, no matter the age or gender, and finds growth in each experience. This story is quite a unique take on witches and their craft, making it an all-around entertaining read.

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