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ISBN# 9781603940559
September 2007
New Concepts Publishing
307 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating 3 Cups

Mesada is the daughter of an insane woman and a cursed and weak man. Stubborn but loyal to her father’s family she is brought in to save a reconstruction site at Raven’s Peak high school, one full of rich and poor delinquents. There she meets a man she must have, Adam Pierson.

Adam Pierson, is more that the school’s principle he is also a Stygian Knight. One sworn to kill the very woman, Mesada, he has committed himself to for life.

Adam has a bigger problem in Creed Kilbane who has sworn to find revenge against Adam and plans to grab Mesada’s soul. All three come together for a fight to the finish.

Numerous subplots keep Night Beauty busy, and unfortunately it is easy to get lost in the different directions the book is taking. Mesada and Adam are complex characters who behave impulsively rather than with a thought out plan. This combined with the convoluted plot can be frustrating for readers and makes it hard to care what is happening. The family and support characters fit the darkness of the book and lack any empathy. Ms Killian’s science fiction world from the Earth to Avonelle is a cruel place that fits the plotline well but makes it hard to be concerned about what is happening there. Sex is not the central focal point of the story but remains part of the backdrop. Lords of the Crymrae: Lord of the North: Night Beauty is the second book in the Lords of the Crymrae series and a stand alone novel.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



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