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ISBN# 978-1-58749-661-5
April 11, 2008
Awe-Struck Books
242 Pages
Contemporary Romance--Ennoble Romance (featuring a character with a disability)
Rating: 4 cups

Maggie Youngson is a young mother, student, and hostess at a Star’s Restaurant. She is the widow of Sam Youngson. She is very attracted to Parker Wilson, but feels that he has rejected her.

Parker Wilson is an ex-ATF agent who has been put on disability by the agency for good due to injuries he sustained during an undercover operation. He has been in love with Maggie for years, but feels since she turned down his marriage proposal two years earlier that she is not interested in him romantically.

When Maggie gets an anonymous note claiming that her boss, Starla, had an affair with Sam before he died, she confronts Starla. However, Starla is not forthcoming, and asks to talk about it later. Only there is no later because Starla is murdered that night. Upset and scared, Maggie asks for Parker’s help in discovering who killed Starla, and her husband’s possible infidelity. However, Starla’s death becomes one in a line of several incidents. When it becomes apparent that Maggie and her daughter might be in danger, Parker begins shadowing Maggie and her daughter, but will he be able to save them before he loses the two people who have come to mean the most to him?

Love, Lies, & Legacies is romantic suspense at its very best! Ms. Estep does a wonderful job of leaving just enough clues to keep you reading without giving the game away. The story line is perfectly convoluted, and easily keeps your attention. The characters are realistic and all have their own personality quirks making them quite fun. I loved how precocious Maggie’s daughter Jenny is, and her bonding with Parker is heartwarming. This is one book you will not be able to put down until you have read the very last page!

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