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ISBN#: 1424172624
April 2007
Publish America, Inc.
P.O. Box 151, Frederick, Maryland 21705
195 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Ashling Donovan is setting her sights on someday becoming a famous screenwriter for the prestigious Hollywood film industry. Ashling knows only too well that it is a hard and rocky road trying to make it in Hollywood, and after experiencing many knock-backs and rejections, Ashling puts her creative skills to the test as an alternative means to an end.

Christopher Hutton is in the film production company business. His new writer, who is key to his show, fails to turn up for a meeting with him. Ashling happens to be in the right place at the right time. Overhearing the conversation Christopher is conducting with the receptionist and seizing the moment to show what she is worth, Ashling proactively comes to the rescue. Without hesitation, Christopher accepts Ashling’s creative prose by way of providing her with a unique opportunity.

The frontiers of love are tiresomely challenging for Ashling. From her humble beginnings in Iowa, Ashling moves to Los Angeles to be with her boyfriend to eventually leave him when she discovers him sneakily dating women on the Internet. Soon Ashling is dating a man she does not feel a connection with while she busily works on pursuing her dreams of becoming a recognized writer. Soldiering on, Ashling is using unethical tactics convincingly well, achieving successful results. Christopher steps in, refreshingly bestowing his admirable qualities, giving Ashling a new lease on life.

Micheline McAllister presents readers with a slight peak into the world of "showbiz". Her characters are quite zany and fun. Levels of high and low emotions are easily felt whilst following the lives of certain characters. Compassionate and lasting friendships among the characters shine through. Although dilemmas of the modern world are well tackled, I found that there were elements of convenience used to resolve issues. Nonetheless, Miss McAllister’s spoof on the industry is quite an entertaining one.

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