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ISBN# (13)978-0-441-01560-3
February 5, 2008
Ace Trade (Division of Penguin Books)
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
336 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Dawn Madison is a stuntwoman who wants to find her missing father of six months. Heading toward Los Angeles draws her into much more. When a woman is murdered that appears to have been connected to vampires, Dawn finds herself drawn into the chaos.

Matt Lonigan is a PI who was lured to the Underground a decade ago and is a most loyal servant. He is just a genuine guy who likes what he sees in Dawn and will do anything to make her feel special in his own way.

Working for Limpet and Associates, Dawn’s main concern is finding her father. She refuses anyone to see her weaknesses or desperation as she seeks his whereabouts. Her boss, Jonah Limpet, tries to help but Dawn considers him an enigma at times. Reluctantly, she is drawn into a world of the living dead along with Matt Lonigan when a woman is murdered bearing bite marks. Matt has a dark physique she finds attractive. The more she investigates her father’s disappearance, as well as the woman who was killed, she is not certain to whom she can really place her trust. Feelings for Matt begin to arise making her wonder if he is really a vampire killer or just someone trying to get closer to her for information. Dawn uses her talent and instincts to keep ahead of the game but leaning on the support of Matt and Jacob, she wonders who she can really rely on.

Midnight Reign takes the reader into another masterpiece by Chris Marie Green. Where Night Rising left off, Chris allows the reader to share in the hardships that Dawn faces with her search. Ms. Green brings into play many characters that interplay and work well with Dawn. When Dawn did her whip number, I could visualize her in that complete scene showing her expertise. This extraordinary story contains a great plot, and interesting events that leave the reader captivated. There is so much eye contact between Dawn and Matt that this reader could almost feel their every tingling move. This is a splendid read that I thoroughly enjoyed and comes highly recommended.

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