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ISBN #: 978-1-59279-605-2/978-59279-684-7
March 2007
Amber Quill Press
PO Box 265, Indian Hills, CO  80454
E-Book/Trade Paperback
222 Pages
Mystery / Detective / Humor
Rating:  3 Cups

Vickie Northon is a woman who knows what she wants, to be married to a rich man. She has the equipment for the job too; she is five feet eleven inches tall, blonde, built and gorgeous. She thought she had Mr. Right, but as usual, she was wrong again.

Gareth Pendragon is a paranormal psychic investigator. He left the family business to pursue his investigations when he found that he had a small and unpredictable psychic talent. He has used it to assist the police in solving crimes, but nothing like the situation he is faced with now.

A murderer is using cyber space to target and kill people, leaving messages relating to Mayan culture. Gareth and Vickie join their psychic talents to try to find and catch the killer before he gets to his next victim, Vickie.

The mystery is the best part of this book. The author leaves enough clues to enable the reader to figure out the perpetrator, but does not make it easy. Gareth and Vickie are fun characters, very distinctive in looks and personality. The loves scenes are not very sensual, but the characters seem to have a lot of fun; the cabbie certainly enjoys them a great deal. The descriptions of people and places are very good, but the dialogue is a little dated even for 1995, the time in which the book was set. A setting in the late fifties or early sixties would have been much better for this story since it has that flavor, except for the computer angle. This is a good story with a lot of humor and an interesting mystery.

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