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ISBN# (10)0553589695/(13)9780553589696
September 4, 2007
Bantam Books (Bantam Dell)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
384 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Anna Swann is a single mother of a two-year-old. Sometimes it is easy and other times she wishes her ex, Brad, were there to help out with Charlie.

Grace Weaver is happy in her life with her husband and daughters but what she would give to get rid of all the baby weight.

Juliet Cole really wants to make partner at the law firm where she works. She is quite the ambitious one. Her husband stays home and cares for the twins while she works.

Chloe Truman is expecting a baby and when it comes time to deliver everything seems to change.

Anna sometimes wishes she could add an extra twenty minutes just to her daily schedule to get out the door. As a restaurant critic, Anna’s editor does allow her to work flexible hours. Anna can always turn to her friends Grace, Juliet and Chloe who offer support and love. In fact, they all think Grace is the superheroes of mothers. Anna meets Noah Springer and from there a small friendship forms until he wishes to take her out. Anna does not know if she should date, but her friends believe she owes it to herself. All this leads to stress, which causes her to do a lot of cooking. After the girls finally talk her into going out with Noah, they wonder if she has slept with him. Anna says no, not certain if she can remember anything about sex. Anna’s mom thinks she should continue dating sexy wine store guy. As Juliet hopes to finally get the position of partner at the firm, Chloe has her baby, and Grace goes on a miracle diet tea plan to lose weight, Anna feels Noah just might be the one. Then again he has been through four fiancés.

Mommy Tracked is an excellent read of mothers, friends, families, and the ups and downs of going through every routine with never enough time to often breathe. I thought the friends had a solid bond that made them close like sisters. The scenes with Noah and Anna are perky and cute. The seminars on becoming a better lover had some witty bits when the girls got together. I could feel Juliet’s anticipation as she wondered if she was being called to become the next partner. The episode with Chloe when her husband finds a sitter was a hoot. Whitney Gaskell has so many fine points in this book; it was hard to put it down. I found myself laughing many times. She spins humor and fun into this chick-lit while still showing the strength and demands that women are frequently faced with.

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