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ISBN# Unavailable
November 17, 2006
29 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sam Pileggi met Veronica Lake in a chat room discussing aviation. He knew nothing about her, but once they met, he was love-struck.

Veronica Lake has the ability to charm even a snake if it came down to it. One look into her eyes, men melt and their knees turn to jelly.

The end of October, with just a hint of a breeze that lets one wish for summer, but knows that winter is well on its way, was a lovely evening to share with any woman. But Sam was not with any woman. He had a date with the famous Veronica Lake as they took off for a spin on a New York City night. Most normal people walked, but she flowed and everything about her was stunning. It had been a simple computer chat that led him to meet the very dead actress, Veronica Lake. Of course it had no bearing once he set his gaze upon her beauty. He was completely blown away by her class and sophistication. Just a few minutes with Veronica and Sam is smitten like never before as he explores the world through different tinted eyes, with the touch of a hand so soft, so alluring, that she only needs to speak her name. Ghost, or what, Veronica knows how to create intrigue.

My Date with Veronica Lake is a delightful story with a spinning flare that carries the reader into a fascinating world of glamour. It is not only unique, but the character of Sam blends in so well with Veronica, this reader found the tale thrilling. Mr. Schneider captures one's attention and makes an easy-going read that allows the reader to escape into the luxury of a black-and-white world of visual effects that almost leap from the pages.

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