Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 1-59426-528-3
June 2005
Phaze books
31 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassie is determined to save her marriage. Ever since her books started coming out, her husband has been less than attentive. Hoping dinner and a little daring will bring him around, she decides to take advantage of the booth they are eating in.

Craig has become afraid that everything that happens in their bedroom will wind up in Cassie’s books. Making a decision, he demands that she swear that what they do in the bedroom will never grace the pages of her books.

Can Cassie give a promise to make sure that their lives never wind up in the pages of her books? Can Craig overcome his worries about what Cassie writes?

I loved this funny tale. Cassie tries everything she can think of in order to spice up their sex life and save her marriage. The characters are wonderfully portrayed and the lives believable between these pages. This is a great read from Ms. Allen. I look forward to more from her in the future.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



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