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ISBN# 978-0-451-22537-5
October 2008
Signet Eclipse (Division of Penguin)
New American Library (NAL), 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014 NY
250 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Archer, Lord Black is one of the Shadow Guards hunting for the present prey; the newspapers refer as Jack the Ripper. Summoned by the Queen to locate the man stalking and killing women, he must never allow the Ripper to learn his faults or weaknesses.

Elena Whitney has been under the protection of her guardian, Lord Black, for almost two years, yet he remains a mystery to her. When they finally meet she has so many questions but she feels betrayed because he acts as if he does not even remember her.

Elena needs purpose and identity so applies for the London School of Medicine for Women. In the meantime she waits to see her guardian, Lord Black, only to learn months later, he acts as if she does not exist. She thought he cared for her out of respect and kindness for her deceased father but now wonders, until they meet at a ball and share a dance. Archer feels bad that his first meeting with Elena was awkward but the dance seemed to smooth things. With the current Ripper killings, especially getting closer to the hospital infirmary where Elena works, Archer has to stay focused. The Ripper butchers women like animals, feeling no remorse for his savagery. The Ripper knows Archer is the one standing in his way. As Elena and Archer form a closer relationship, the killings intensify which begin to bother Elena. When the Ripper learns about Archer and Elena, he feels he has finally found Archer’s weakness, as Elena becomes his next prey to stalk.

Night Falls Darkly is so compelling, it grabs the reader and keeps them entertained and on the edge-of-their-seat until the dramatic conclusion. I love how the chemistry simmers between Archer and Elena, as their relationship slowly builds up between them. The reader can almost visualize their every eye contact and movement. The Ripper is indeed one brutal man I certainly would not wish to meet. Kim Lenox sketches extraordinary characters and visualizations that engage the reader. Her style of writing hooks the reader and keeps them interested to the last page. For those looking for romance, passion, suspense and believable characters, this impressible read has it all.

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