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Dark Days Series
Book 1 - Nightwalker
Book 2 - Dayhunter

Book 3: Dawnbreaker

Book 4: Pray for Dawn
Book 5: Wait for Dusk

ISBN#: 9780061542770
August 2008
Harper, An imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022
$ 7.99
370 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Mira has been alive for more than six hundred years. She is also known as a First Blood, which means it took her creator ten years to change her from human to vampire. After traveling the world for centuries, she now resides in Savannah and rules her own region. When a hunter enters her territory, she knows she must find out more about him before she kills him.

Danaus has been obsessed with Mira or as she is also known, Fire Starter, for decades. Now he knows where she is and has come to get her help with the Naturi. He thinks she is nothing but pure evil, but soon learns that not everything he has been told about vampires is true.

Mira cannot believe that Danaus is there for anything other than to kill her. But when he hands over the Naturi who tortured her at Machu Picchu, she knows there is more than what he is telling her. After not hearing back from the Coven, she decides to take Danaus with her to find her old friend, Jabari, to ask for his help and to warn him. But there is nothing that can be done except for her to help reform the triad that locked the Naturi away centuries before. Between the fighting and not knowing whom she can trust, will Mira learn the truth about herself and what she did all those centuries ago to the Naturi, or will she be forced to take a stand against her own kind?

What a great first novel. I am hooked and cannot wait for more from Ms. Drake. Mira is a fiery character and Danaus is tormented by what he thinks is truth and then seeing the reality. I loved that Ms. Drake makes her main vampire character a woman. It is much different than most vampire novels and the enemies are almost bad enough that you cannot help but love the way they work. This story is loaded with action and dry humor. It will leave you satisfied and begging for more at the end.

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