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ISBN# 978-0-6151-7671-0
December 2007
3 Media Press
P. O. Box 262, Englewood, Ohio 45322
E-book/Trade Paperback
213 Pages/180 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 cups

Anne Larkin is an artist and is finally visiting England, the birthplace of her mother. She plans to go to museums, take tours, and visit her mother’s best friend, Julia Gibson. Anne has had some very bad luck with men and she always seems to do something like drop stuff on them, fall on them, or some other clutzy act. As such she tends to take any flirting on their parts with a grain of salt and not seriously at all. She has no intention despite Julia’s matchmaking of getting involved romantically with anyone while on her trip.

Rob Warner is a Detective Inspector with Scotland Yard. He meets Anne when they are leaving the plane after she bumps heads with him when trying to pick up something she dropped. He is just returning from a vacation in the United States. While he finds himself attracted to Anne, he has another “bird” on the hook so to speak, a pretty little southern belle named Phoebe. Also he is returning right to work because someone has stolen the very expensive broach called the Nikrova’s Passion, and he wants to catch those who did so.

When Rob recognizes Julia Gibson’s name and number on the slip of paper Anne has, he insists on giving her a ride to the bus station where Julia has agreed to pick her up. On the ride he is treated again to Anne’s sarcasm, as well as her sense of humor, and finds himself truly enchanted. However, Anne is having none of it, and has no idea how much trouble his giving her a ride is going to cause her. Suddenly attractive men are crawling out of the woodwork and they all seem to want to get close to her. Then she finds herself dealing with not only the men, but break-ins, threats, being followed and watched, as well as having some of her things stolen. Figuring out who is her friend and who is the enemy is not easy, but if she does not figure it out quickly she could find herself either dead or arrested.

I think the thing I loved most about Nikrova’s Passion was Anne’s spicy yet vitriolic personality. Not one to give up easily, Anne leads the men on a merry chase. The suspense, as well as the romance is well scripted. The descriptions of England’s landmarks are described so well you feel as though you are right there. I especially got a charge out of Rob’s playboy ways getting completely derailed by Anne, there were many times I laughed so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes. This was one woman who had no intention of going down easy, and she was darned sure going to make certain both Rob and everyone else for that matter knew it. I am proud to recommend this book to anyone who loves a great romance. I will definitely be purchasing more of this author in the near future!

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