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ISBN# 1-933400-57-9
August 2006
Chippewa Publishing
124 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Casey Catherine Farraday has just received a book deal with McCarron Publishing; perfect, except they think Casey is a man.

Preston Frawley III, or Pres, to his friends is rumored to live the good life in Europe, racing horses but now he desires to move to America. Heir to the Frawley fortune, he inherits his mother’s small publishing company.

Casey is ecstatic when her book, Steam Heat, is accepted for publication. She enjoys writing and loves her cats. Pres is on a Howard-Hughes-like quest for secrecy, in fact his Super knows him as the gentlemen in apartment A. He has huge plans for the publishing company he inherited and the book, Steam Heat, might be his chance.

Casey wonders what will happen when they learn she is not a he. She visualizes Preston as a man wearing a monocle and smoking a cigar. When they meet, he is the exact opposite. Upon learning he is the gentleman in apartment A, and she the lady in apartment B, only time will tell how much longer the two can keep the sparks from flying after they find a way into each other’s heart, especially when he learns her real identity.

Nom de Plume is a story with a different turn of events. I loved Casey and Pres. The way they eyed each other by way of their apartments was so cleverly written. It made the story more interesting, not to mention the addition of the cats and the in-depth secondary characters. Toni LoTempio pens a crafty tale that kept the pages turning for this reader. An uplifting read that really meows where I could practically feel the soothing sensations between Casey and Pres.

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