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April 2008
Avon Harper Collins, A division of HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
384 Pages
Mystery Suspense
Rating: 5 cups

The younger sister of homicide detective, Rebecca Montgomery, Becca, is missing and presumed dead. While Becca is tenaciously working on the case, gruesome remains of a young woman is discovered hidden in a burnt-out theatre. Arson is viewed as a probable cause of the fire. Too close to the victim, Becca’s lieutenant takes her off the case and, ignoring her pleas to remain on the case, he assigns another officer to the case.

Diego Galvan is a mystery man. Suspicious, Becca tails Diego to a coffee bar when she spies on him lurking around the vicinity of the theatre. Diego cunningly invites Becca to join him for coffee and, desperate for answers towards solving the case, Becca acquiesces. Following Diego may not have been one of Becca’s wisest moves.

Becca’s vigilant investigations unfolds a disturbing human trafficking racket run by Hunter Cavanaugh, a ruthless member of the mob. Matt Brogan, one of Cavanaugh’s main henchmen, is mean, heartless, has no regard for the sanctity of life, dehumanising the victims being held against their will. And Diego works alongside Matt! Doing whatever it takes to vindicate her sister, Becca takes the risk talking to Diego. Deadly secrets are at stake amongst these dangerous and murderous criminals.

Ingenious plots, super twists and intricate turns is this mind boggling novel. The fact that the answer to the mystery is not easily fathomed is a mystery in itself, as the clues are cleverly disguised. I thought I had my finger on the culprit, but I was proved wrong. The characters are all well defined that I allowed myself to grow fond of one in particular! The novel is one to sink your teeth into. Dane fascinates and quickens the pulses. Readers will be kept in suspense. A great ‘who-dunnit’ that Dane should be proud of.

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