ISBN: 0-345-48009-0
May 31, 2005
Ballentine Books – Division of The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10019
467 Pages
Historical Romance

London 1817 and Becky Ward runs for her life.  Young and slender with thick, dark hair
drenched from the warm rain; the young mistress flees into the stormy night in search of
safety and a dry place to rest.   Her legal guardian and cousin Prince Mikhail Kurkov has
made it known that he has plans for her.  Her spunkiness is much more appealing than
the submissive serf girls of whom he has tired and it seems to not matter that he is born
of Becky’s same blood.  When she witnesses the Prince commit a cold-blooded
murder, she knows it must be reported.  If only she can reach the Duke of Westland. The
old man is well-known for his fairness and the crime took place in his jurisdiction.

Lord Alec Knight is a handsome rogue with a heart hardened against romance.  His
“once-intended” decided to marry another, and Alec has turned his attention to rakish
behavior and frequent gambling.  On this stormy night, he and a three of his fellow
society mates leave Lady Everly’s ball to return to Lord Draxinger’s mansion for a late
night of cards.  Imagine their surprise when, behind the low walls of the front porch, they
stumble upon a sleeping beauty who has taken refuge from the storm.

When Becky awakens to three strange men looming over her, their eyes filled with lust
and their breath thick with liquor, her fighting spirit emerges.  It is very clear to her that
they are whoremongers.  She has seen that look before in the cold eyes of Mikhail and
she must escape.  With feigned interest, she makes her move and manages to knee
one in the groin and knock loose the tooth of another.  It is to her dismay and later
delight that the fourth chases after her and offers to become her rescuer.

One Night of Sin by Gaelen Foley is a delightful read.  Although Alec has more than his
share of society women, there is something about the spirit and beauty of Miss Becky
Ward that captivates him and makes him want to keep her safe.  He has sworn off
serious attachments, but maybe this vixen is not as innocent as she looks.  He certainly
was not looking for love again but after they share a passionate night, he intends to
become much more than her knight in shining armor.  Watch out Mikhail!

Brett Scott
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance