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ISBN#: 9781419914812
February 2008
Cerridwen Press
197 Pages
Paranormal Romance Anthology
Rating: 4 Cups

Believing in Dreams by Chris Grover

Nicole James had a loving upbringing, but her mother never talked about her family or the man who was Nicole’s father. She keeps dreaming of a large log house and a grandmotherly woman.

Alain Martin is trying to make up for his grandfather’s crimes against the people of St-Stephan, but they distrust him and his plans.

A friendly spirit is determined to save her town and help her granddaughter find love.

This is a really sweet story with strong characters and a very happy ending.

Enigma by Sheryl Hames Torres

Every five years Amy awakes beside a brutally murdered man with no idea how she got there. Blind since the age of five, she could not have driven to the crime scene and her fingerprints are found nowhere nearby.

Blane, a police detective, is fascinated by Amy and convinced of her innocence. Her involvement with the murders is a mystery to all.

A vicious spirit haunts a blind girl, determined to get revenge. A police detective, in love with Amy, is determined to save her and solve the mystery.

This is an eerie tale with a very surprising ending.

Get Out or Die by Kim Cox

Lana is an investigator specializing in the paranormal. She also has a fear of commitment to her fiancé Tony.

Adam O’Kelly is a ghost. He was murdered, but everyone thinks he committed suicide. He is angry at his murderer and is taking his anger out on the family of his partner, and his godchildren now living in his house.

An angry spirit is determined to keep the family of his business partner from inhabiting his house.

I felt as though I were missing something in this story. The story was very good, but I got the feeling that it was part of a series and that I was missing some essential information.

‘Neath Hallowed Halls and Ivied Walls by Maureen McMahon

Stacey is a travel writer. She comes home from a harrowing trip to Afghanistan to the news that her favorite college professor has committed suicide. She is comforted by her former sweetheart, Peter.

Peter works for his father’s bank and has rediscovered his college sweetheart. He is saddened by Professor Donaldson’s death.

Two former students return to Harvard for the funeral of their favorite professor. They find that he is linked to an unsavory cult. They are determined to uncover the cause of his death, while hopefully avoiding their own.

This is a terrifying tale and very suspenseful after a slow start.

Restless Spirit by Elizabeth Delisi

Laura is devastated by the death of first, her husband, and then her son. She procrastinates packing their belongings by playing with Brian’s Ouija board.

Rafe is mourning the death of his brother Joshua. Using an Ouija board, he makes contact with a woman named Laura, who is also in mourning.

Two people saddened by unnecessary death make a connection that will change both of their lives forever.

I cannot say too much about this story without giving it all away. Rafe and Laura are great characters and the author puts an unusual twist in the plot that really makes this one stand out.

This is an outstanding collection of ghostly tales. There is something for everyone, from the sweet romance of the first, to the eerie suspense of the fourth. The stories go very well together and each is well written, carefully plotted, and has well developed characters. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the first story, but that would be a very difficult choice as all of them are excellent.

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