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ISBN: unavailable
January 19, 2009
Lyrical Press, Incorporated
334 Pages
Romance / Paranormal / Thriller
Rating: 5 Cups

The last seven years have not been easy for Sami Corey. Her marriage is rocky at best, and her husband’s chronically bad mood swings are beginning to feel like old times.

Steve knows he cannot keep lying to his wife, but maybe the move to Florida will help. A new place and a new perspective are exactly what he needs to get his writing and his marriage back on track.

Sami knows that Steve is dead set on keeping the house they are renting in Florida, almost like it is calling to him, and she must admit it has great appeal. She wishes she felt the same about their marriage, but she unfortunately does not. His increased moodiness could be attributed to his writer’s block, but somehow it feels just like it did when he was drinking. She is fed up with him, and with the love she feels for their friend Matt, it is getting harder and harder to pretend to care.

Steve is not the only one with drastic mood swings, and this story is sure to evoke a myriad of emotions in its readers. Sami’s character is at times exasperating, but she really draws you in with a painfully raw and sometimes harsh attitude that only makes her all the more real. An eerily abandoned home with a past that will not be forgotten is the perfect backdrop for the fear and desperation played out in this story. It is a gripping, horrifying, and absolutely fantastic read.

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