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ISBN#: (10)1594264015/(13)9781594264016
September 2008
Trade Paperback and E-Book
Mundania Press LLC
6470A Glenway Avenue, #109, Cincinnati, OH 45211-5222
Trade Paperback
$13.95 Paperback and $6.00 E-Book
241 Pages
Mystery Detective
Rating: 4 Cups

Frank Johnson finds himself being questioned by police when his cousin is murdered. The police are coming down hard on him, and the sheriff believes Frank is the one that committed the murder.

Randall Van Dotson, Rennie, can be bull-headed, especially when her ex-husband gives her a beating. Their marriage had been poison except for one productive thing, two lovely children.

Frank had a good military record as an MP in the military, but he found the job boring. He heads home to Virginia to become a gunsmith and possible private investigator. When he sees Rennie and her ex, Virgil, in a fight, he comes to her rescue. Before Frank can blink, he is being accused of killing his cousin, Cody. It seems Cody may have been into some shady business. With trying to help Rennie, not to mention keeping an eye on Virgil, Frank stays busy. When there is a hint that Cody was involved with some neo-Nazis, Frank finds that hard to swallow, and where does Virgil fit into everything? Frank is running out of time for answers.

Pelham Fell Hard is one of those detective type stories that draw in the reader and keep them begging for more. Ed Lynskey instills intriguing characters, and some twists and turns, making this a great read. His storytelling has a way of placing the reader into the search for a killer and perhaps a terrorist ring. I love a good mystery and this one has some pretty rough characters that make it even more fascinating. I like the way that Frank's character is believably real in his actions. There were times when Rennie was going through her ordeal with Virgil; I just wanted to give her a hug. I thought the pacing and flow of the story really made this a hit.

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