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ISBN (13)9780060544362
May 2007
Harper Collins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York NY 10022
448 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Linda Lofthouse believed in peace and love like most of the young people of the sixties. However, when she went to the Brimleigh Festival to listen to the bands play, she was stabbed so violently that it sliced off a piece of her heart.

Nick Barber is a freelance music journalist investigating The Mad Hatters and subsequently, Linda Lofthouse’s murder. He had been excited about a great lead right before he turned up dead. Did he get too close to discovering the truth about Linda’s murder?

When Nick is murdered just outside the small town of Lyndgarth, Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks is sent to investigate Soon enough he figures out that his case is connected to Linda’s in the sixties that implicated a member of the band, The Mad Hatters. Detective Banks becomes even more suspicious when he finds out that one of the band members lives just down the road from where Nick was staying. As he follows his clues on a virtual trip back in time, he gets closer to a truth that might expose a secret hidden for more than four decades. Detective Banks is soon to discover that the sixties were not as peaceful as they seemed.

Piece of My Heart is a wonderful police procedural mystery with a wry, haunted hero. It involves two murders separated by four decades which relies on flashbacks to tell the story. They were sometimes so rapid that I became a little disoriented as to what time period I was reading about. However, this adds to tripping affect, which helped draw me into the story. Each time it switched from the sixties to the present day, I knew I was getting closer to the resolution. This was a gripping read with a surprising and somewhat bittersweet end that shows that the sixties were not so kind to everyone.

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