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ISBN#: 0425221385
July 2008
Berkeley Trade (Penguin Group USA)
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014
320 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Katrina Hammond, the respectable London arts valuation expert, is trying to get over the fact her ex-fiancé had an affair, leaving her feeling unwanted and unattractive. When handsome Sergio offers her a job in Spain, evaluating a private collection, she finds Sergio and the job tempting.

Sergio Teodoro promises a job at the Torre del Castagona, that Katrina will love in the country home complete with intimate hospitality. He will cover all her travel expenses. His father approved the sale but his brother, Nicolas, tends to make trouble.

Katrina wants to be reckless, kicking down the boundaries like there is no tomorrow. She gets her chance when Sergio offers her an irresistible job. She is there to inventory the art collection but meeting the younger brother, Nico, offers much more. Sergio, a hothead, loves to dominate and be in control, whereas Nico, an artist, is considered a black sheep, disinherited by his father. When he sees Katrina, he is intrigued. Sergio finds her exquisite, and wishes to possess her in every way. Katrina finds Nicolas a rare commodity. With some passionate erotic games the three become embroiled in a series of something dark, risky, and even reckless, but who will come out winning the games, and at what price? One question arises, which brother does she find most alluring? Until some issues are resolved, Katrina is very much uncertain of her future.

Reckless is a thrilling read that keeps the reader engaged. Katrina, Nicolas, and Sergio heat the pages like a match burning every page. The world that the three share is fascinating. I loved the setting and atmosphere especially when Katrina gets to the country home. Saskia Walker creates passionate characters that almost grab the reader and pulls them inside the pages. With a great plot, she weaves a tale that is hard to put down. The way she molds the characters into the storyline is cleverly done and the secondary characters add great finesse to the theme of the story, making it a superb read.

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