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ISBN# (10)0-352-34158-0/(13)978-0-352-34158-7
February 26, 2008
Virgin Black Lace (Virgin Publishers)
Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA
224 Pages
General Fiction/Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jay Turner cannot afford to be out of any season when it comes to bull riding. As he nears his thirty years, it appears his twelve-year cowboy career only shows some gold buckles and a busted-up knee in dire need of surgery. A cowboy cannot afford to have any surgeries especially when the doctor has beauty and brains and melts his heart.

Dr. Helen Kinsale is an orthopedic surgeon who often feels she is just getting by in her career. Her ex-husband likes to play dirty and will do anything to see her life is not a happy one. She knows Jay desperately needs knee surgery but he is too stubborn to agree.

Jay needs only eight seconds to stay on Rampage, the bull that appears to grow restless. No sooner than the deed is done, his hurt knee acts up with terrible pain before he must undertake another bull ride that lands him in the doctor's office where he once again meets the female doctor with the warning lecture. Helen insists, without the surgery, he could lose full use of his leg. He must give up riding bulls. Jay hates the thought of not being a bull rider. The more she speaks to him; Jay gets a liking for Helen and invites her out. It only takes one night with her to see she is an intelligent woman. As Jay decides on the surgery, and his feelings that transpire for Helen, she wonders is their blossoming relationship strong enough to withstand whatever her ex-husband casts in her path.

Roping the Wind has all the chills and thrills in the rodeo, and in the bedroom, once Jay and Helen become closer than friends. I enjoyed reading how the couple had to face certain obstacles in their own self-discovery, while learning the different choices life has to offer them. Kate Pearce instills believable characters that leap off the pages, while facing real problems. She shows their strengths and their weaknesses. I found Jay a very likeable person as he has to give up something really dear to him. He and Helen make a sweet couple. This is a delightful read that leaves a bubbly good feeling inside.

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