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ISBN# 9780758228581
April 2009
Kensington Books
350 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
352 Pages
Historical Romance/Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups


Renee is the daughter of the late King of France, who called the intelligent princess “Froward Renee”. Once a dutiful daughter, with the death of her mother she is determined to cause scandal.

Michael is the adopted son and heir of the Earl of Tyrone. He has been in training for his new position for many years, and has recently survived the “Sweat”. He fears that his mentor will not be so lucky, but the Earl is sending him to Henry’s court despite his condition.

The court of Henry VIII is full of danger, deception, and intrigue. Spies, conspirators and worse are found in every corner. Princess Renee of France is sent by her King and the Cardinal De Medici for their own nefarious purposes. Michael Devereaux is sent to represent his guardian, the Earl of Tyrone, at the celebration of the Order of the Garter. But something even more dangerous threatens the court and Michael is asked to find the killer.

The court of Henry the Eighth is vividly captured in this book. I have never read a book of this era that goes into such detail and so well. Michael and Renee are pretty well matched, attractive lusty people in the service of others, and I loved reading about them and their romance. The vampiric killer was an unexpected and interesting plot twist for a story of this time period and added suspense and excitement to the plot. I really enjoyed this very unusual and detailed tale. My favorite part, aside from Michael and Renee, was the author’s vivid portrayal of historical figures. She turned one-dimensional figures from history books into real people.

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