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ISBN# ISSN 1555-5488 Vol. 37-19SE
April 2007
Midnight Showcase
PO Box 300491, Houston, TX 77230
174 Pages
Sci-fi Fantasy, Sensual Romance, Adventure, Revenge, Futuristic
Rating: 5 cups

Vangee Windrum is a radiant; a woman who can control the emotions of those around her. This has made her something of an oddity all her life. While her people respect her, she has few true friends. Her planet Ancade’s sun is dying and everyone is getting ready to go aboard vessels that resemble the ships that plowed Earth’s seas thousands of years in the past. She does not count on meeting Gambrel, though she cares for him on sight.

Gambrel Sarjean is an enforcer; a man who kills for pay. Drawn to Vangee even before he could see her face, he will do anything to protect her. Even if that protection means denying himself her love, because Gambrel is on a mission to kill a man who murdered a loved one, and nothing is going to stop him from completing his goal, not even Vangee.

When an unexpected incident opens up a place on Vangee’s vessel for Gambrel, he is grateful, though wary of Vangee and all she and her people offer. However, it is not long before Gambrel finds himself becoming attached to the kind-hearted Ancadians, and there are even times where his need for vengeance is pushed from his mind. While it does not take long for Vangee and Gambrel to become as close as two people can be, trouble is brewing in several corners, and before long, Vangee and Gambrel are smack dab in the middle of it. Will their love survive Gambrel’s need for vengeance? Or will Vangee turn on him as he fears?

Sailing the Astral Seas is swash buckling scifi adventure at its very best! The emotions are well developed, and so evocative throughout the book that you can literally feel what the main characters are feeling moment by moment. The descriptions of sailing ships made into space vessels, and Ms. Carver’s clear understanding of all things nautical make this book one to be savored slowly. The author’s explanation of Vangee and her gifts is so well portrayed that the reader gains a very clear understanding of just what her gift has cost her, in terms of both people and memories. The world building in Sailing the Astral Seas is extraordinary and very imaginative. The sexual relationship between Gambrel and Vangee has deep emotions that are sprinkled with just the right amount of spice. If you ever wished one of your swash buckling historical novels could take place somewhere other than the 17th century, and you love adventure stories, then this is the book for you. I highly recommend Sailing the Astral Seas, and gladly give it my highest rating!

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