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ISBN:  1-60154-030-2
August 10, 2007
The Wild Rose Press
PO Box 706, Adams Basin, NY  14410-0706
Trade Paperback / E-Book
$12.99 / $5.00
238 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating:  5 Cups

Patrick Hess is a private investigator in Buffalo, New York. His current job is to find the missing wife and daughter of millionaire Kristopher Lehrer. Patrick is good at his job, but identifying the missing woman leads him to some very disturbing conclusions.

Grace McNeil is living a life of seclusion. She is self-sufficient and independent to such a degree that she has very little contact with the outside world. Her life revolves around her farm; it is the only thing that has kept her sane for the last four years.

Patrick takes a job on Grace’s farm. He is sure that if he spends time with her, he will be able to confirm if she really is Margo Lehrer. The truth behind her disappearance becomes immediately clear. This woman is the victim of battery and abuse. Grace trusts no man and Patrick must tread very carefully to get the answers he needs. What he learns shocks him to the core. She is the strongest, most independent, and beautiful woman he has ever met. Yet she lives in fear every day of her life. He hates himself for the lies that put her in danger, but he loves her too much to walk away. Can Grace forgive his deception and accept his love, or will she be forever haunted and hunted?

This is one truly amazing piece of work. The fear and desperation that Grace endures comes through with aching clarity. Her fight to be strong and independent keeps her sane when most women would have given in. Patrick quickly learns just how strong Grace really is. His love for her grows exponentially, and knowing that she intends to face her greatest fear head on makes him love her more. He fears for her life, but knows that to truly live she will have to be free from her past. He wants to be the love that she so desperately deserves, and in doing so finds in himself the man he always wanted to be. This story is riveting, intense, and worth every minute of your time. Please read!

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