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ISBN# (10)0-7783-2529-6/(13) 978-0-7783-2529-1
March 2008
Mira Books
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
400 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating 5 Cups

Hannah Matthews has held a grudge about her childhood home, the Seaview Inn, in Seaview Keys for years. She could not leave soon enough after graduating high school. She made herself a successful life as a single mother, becoming a top PR director; she has also become a breast cancer survivor (so far). But now her mother has died from breast cancer, her young daughter becomes pregnant, and her elderly aunt refuses to leave her home for a retirement home. So she heads back to Seaview to fix everything.

Luke Stevens is also from Seaview Keys, in fact he dated Hannah’s best friend in high school. He has decided to come back to town to sort out some things. While he was defending his country and helping to treat the wounded in Iraq, his wife decided to have an affair with his medical partner and best friend. He was hit by a roadside bomb injuring his leg while there as well. Now that he is home and out of therapy he needs to see what the next step is for him.

Each character is working on their own problems while being friends and lending an ear to each other. Hannah and Luke begin to see who the other really is and what issues they have faced, as well as dishing out some greatly needed advice to each other. It is during these times they begin to fight a growing attraction between them. They are both unsure if adding a romance to their problems will be disastrous or could it really help with the lessons they each must learn?

Seaview Inn is such a wonderful story that is more than a romance. It is dealing with true to life issues and how they shape you into the person you become. Sometimes the choices are hard, yet we must live with whatever the outcome is. The cast of characters will have you laughing sometimes and swooning at others. I have very much enjoyed the work of Ms. Woods and look forward to reading more of her emotional filled books.

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