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ISBN# 9781906328023
July 2007
117 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Katie McLaughlin is on board a ship when she suddenly finds the ship sinking. She is forced to try to make it to the nearby island.

Scott Vanderhorne is the only other person on the boat, besides the captain, when it begins to sink. He is a very rich man who slowly finds an attraction with Katie.

Katie leans on Scott to help find some kind of help on the island. She can only hope the longer they continue to search the island, they will perhaps stumble upon people, or maybe even a hotel. Katie finds Scott to be like her ex, too rich for her taste. All rich guys are the same. It was bad enough that her ex jilted her because she was not prime choice to his parents. She never wanted to get involved with any rich man again. Scott does not need to be on the island with another woman, especially if his fiancé gets wind of it. The two soon find learning to live in the jungle has it ups and downs, and some pleasurable moments. When they suddenly take the quantum leap, the passion intensifies. The longer they spend on the island, they both begin to wonder if they really wish to return to civilization.

Shipwrecked is a cleverly written story that really absorbs the reader. I loved the chemistry between Katie and Scott. I adored how Scott referred to Katie as Katydids. Pairing the two on the island, sort of like an Adam and Eve, was fascinating. Ashley Ladd weaves a spicy romance that captures the reader’s attention from the first page. I loved the banter between Scott and Katie. They are absolutely breathtaking characters that heat up the pages and bring pizzazz to an island thanks to Ms. Ashley’s enchanting read.

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