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ISBN: Unavailable
June 2009
173 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Corrupt businessman John Barrington has been murdered. The murderer has confessed, but instead of turning himself in, he has set out to let the world know all of Mr. Barrington’s many sins. In order to meet that goal, he must arrange the clash of two employees who can barely tolerate each other.

Christine and Paul have always been antagonistic towards each other when their paths crossed. These two enemies are forced to work together to discover the mystery of a corrupt business tycoon.

The ultimate goal of the killer is to reveal the many sins of a corrupt businessman. Together, Christine and Paul must discover why their boss has been killed and whether love and hate are truly two sides of the same coin. The secrets of Paul and Christine could make or break their budding relationship.

Steve Shore has created an outstanding story line with interesting characters. It was unusual to have the killer involved in solving his own crime as well as revealing the victim for who he truly was. The beginning of the book was presented in the words of the killer, and the narrator of the story switches from one main character to another. The switches made it rather confusing at first because it was difficult for the reader to understand that the voice had changed from one character to another. I thought starting the book in the killer’s voice was inspirational and would catch the reader’s interest from the first paragraph.

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