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ISBN # Unavailable
August 2007
Amira Press, LLC
24 Pages
Historical Erotica Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Marcus Wiverton is a man who wants what all men want; to be the best lover a woman could ever want. Well, he gets his wish from the Queen of Lust, but is it a blessing or a curse?

The Queen of Lust has taken a broken down man and used her wiles to convince him that she can give him what he so desires. However, she has not revealed the down side of giving Marcus everything he ever wanted.

As time goes by Marcus begins to feel trapped by this curse and wants more; only he has no idea what price he will have to pay for his freedom. He regrets taking the gift and now needs to right the wrongs he has committed.

This was an interesting take on the male mind. What man has never felt the way Marcus feels? I like the way Ms. Ireland has made Marcus a living, breathing male with both confidence and insecurities. This is a quick read that has the power to leave the positive impression of a well written story.

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