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ISBN: 978-1-55487-111-7
September 2008
Extasy Books
185 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tony is an investigative journalist who works as a reporter for the local newspaper. Hearing a sexy voice in his living room is the last thing he expects. Finding out exactly what the beautiful redhead is shocks him from his head to his toes.

Faye was a prostitute in her former life. Even though she was a girl for hire, she cared about those around her. When other prostitutes ended up hooked on drugs provided by the pimp, she found ways to smuggle them into a drug rehabilitation house.

When Faye is murdered by her pimp Frankie, she starts haunting Tony. Getting his help to take down the man who killed her is the easy part. Falling in love with a live man is the hard part. For Tony, knowing that the woman he has come to love is a ghost is hard enough to grasp. The thought that he may lose her forever after this mission is over is something he does not want to contemplate.

Although Somebody Special started off a little slow for me, it did not take long for my attention to be riveted to the pages. Mr. Dragona has twisted an erotic romance into a unique story about how love can survive anything. Faye is a take-charge girl who manages to reach out and help others even from her grave. Tony is the type of guy who lets life just flow around him. While he’s competent at his job, his love life was just sitting there before Faye came into the picture. A steamy read that will keep you on your toes with all the twists and turns, this is a great read for any erotica fan.

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