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ISBN#: 978-0-9815573-5-9
April 2008
Highland Press
P.O. Box 2992, High Springs, FL 32655
216 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 2 Cups

Deecey Hannaford is an aspiring actress and the daughter of Senator Cass Hannaford. She has a twin brother and a long time boyfriend named Troy, who is irritated by how much time she spends caring for her brother and bailing him out of trouble.

Ace Hannaford is Deecey’s twin brother and a fairly successful P.I. He is convinced that he is psychic and in fact has foreseen the death of more than one person. He has a very strained relationship with his father.

Deecey’s assistance to her brother Ace at an exclusive sex club brings her in contact with a Russian Ballet dancer who later turns up dead. Ace is convinced that it was murder and that this is only the first. Deecey has her own problems with her love life, her father, her career, and just where her relationship is going with the only man she ever loved.

This book has a good concept and a lot of potential. I liked the idea of a twin brother and sister team solving crimes. Unfortunately, I could not make myself care enough about the characters. I liked Deecey; she is a strong woman who is trying to bring her brother and father together, unsuccessfully. She maintains a relationship with the eccentric politician and takes care of her brother. Unfortunately, both the father and the brother are self-involved men who have no compunction of using Deecey for their own purposes. Troy, the boyfriend, is determined not to be under the thumb of her father and is jealous of his best friend, her brother. He also seems to have no intention of making any kind of permanent commitment to Deecey, no matter how much he loves her. The mystery itself is not that interesting and I was disappointed again in Ace in the last chapter. The crocodile is a great character though.

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