ISBN # 1-4116-5057-3
September 2005
Midnight Showcase
E-Book - $7.79
Print - $15.59
163 pages
Erotic-ahh Digest

Strawberry Veinilla & Vamperians By Mae Powers

Alexander Ruveaux heads into the Sinful Sundaes Ice Cream Shoppe to scope out his
culinary competition. The woman he finds there exceeds his wildest dreams. Electra
Spellfire is busy running her shop of delicious delights when a sexy man walks in. She is
used to supernatural beings but cannot put her finger on just what is different about him.
Alexander and Electra complement each other very well. The sensual tension between
them sizzles and pops with a life of its own. The sex scene is hot enough to melt ice
cream on contact. The ice cream parlor setting is nicely described and befitting to the
storyline. Ms. Powers is a gifted author with a knack for drawing the reader into the
story. I am sure other readers will enjoy this terrific tale of love and dessert just as much
as I did. Strawberry Veinilla & Vamperians is a great story that I absolutely adore.

Mummies & Marshmallows By Jennifer Metz

Brock Edwards has been summoned to the Spellfire Sweets factory to repair a machine
that makes marshmallow cream mummies. The job is very difficult and the inspector,
who insists she must inspect the room the machine is in, does not make Brock's job any
easier. Melody Jameson does not relish her annual job of inspecting the factory. She
wants to get in and out of the strange feeling place as quickly as possible. The
repairman who is present complicates matters because he also really revs her engine.
Brock and Melody are interesting characters. Her standoffish attitude makes the tension
between them that much tighter. The difficulty Brock has with the machine and Melody's
unusual solution to the problem, make for a rip roaring good time for both of them as
well as for the reader. The candy factory setting is fascinating and adds a unique twist to
the story. Ms. Metz has penned a hot story of love and marshmallow cream which was
thoroughly enjoyed.

Toppings & Temptations By Ann Regentin

Gina is running from an abusive ex boyfriend when her car stalls just outside of Spellfire,
Texas. A very attractive man stops to help her; and because of his assistance, she ends
up in Spellfire. Having nowhere else to go, she decides to stay there. Al is attracted to
the young woman he assisted but is sure nothing could come of it, most women find his
idiosyncracies a bit too much to handle. Al and Gina are enchanting characters who
really touched my heart. They suit each other perfectly. The sex scenes are hot enough
to melt a glacier and left me panting. The obstacles they must overcome add a lot of
tension to the story. The secondary characters such as Shepenwepet and Roca really
enhance the plotline. Ms. Regentin has written a sensational story that I highly
recommend to readers who enjoy tales of the paranormal. Toppings & Temptations is a
fabulous tale that I loved.

Witches & Walnuts By Anne Leland

Marissa Gael is a college student at the Alchemy Academy. She is an excellent student
and cannot quite figure out just why she is in danger of failing Relationship Spells 101.
Professor Darien Raven does not usually become involved with his students but
Marissa is a special case. While he is trying to help her understand the casting of
relationship spells, more than magic develops between them. Marissa and Darien are
well developed characters. The dynamics of their relationship are easily believable and
fascinating to watch. The sensual tension crackles like a downed livewire. The plot is
interesting and kept my eyes glued to the pages. Ms. Leland has penned a terrific story I
am sure those who like reading about witches and warlocks will enjoy just as much as I
did. Witches and Walnuts is most definitely a keeper!

Twilight Shadows & Just Desserts By Katrina Marlowe

Ella is working at Sinful Sundaes when an armed gunman tries to rob the shop. Things
go wrong, and she winds up killing him. However, that is not the end of it. Jace Sawyer
is amazed when his holdup gets fouled up, and he suddenly becomes a ghost. For
some reason he is drawn to the woman who killed him and does not know why. The
more time they spend together, the more attached to each other they become. Ella and
Jace complement each other very well. The sensual tension between them is easily
visible. The sex is hot and steamy with just the right amount of graphic detail. The plot is
intriguing and enjoyable. Ms. Marlowe has penned a wonderful story of a robbery gone
wrong that I recommend to those who enjoy reading about ghosts and other things that
go bump in the night. Twilight Shadows & Just Desserts is a keeper.

Fairies & Cherries By Leigh Ellwood

Jewlie delivers ice cream for the extremely successful Fairy Belle Corporation.
Encountering a hunky blond man, while attempting to make her regular delivery to Sinful
Sundaes, is a total surprise. Kor is a faerie who intends to do everything in his power to
stop the ice cream company from using his sister's likeness and name. When he takes
one of the company's delivery people hostage, he gets much more than he bargained
for. Jewlie and Kor are terrific characters who really captured my imagination. The sex
scene is hotter than a bushel of cayenne peppers and left me begging for more. Kor is
one sexy faerie who really got my motor running! The plot kept me on the edge of my
seat, and I hated to see the story end. Ms. Ellwood is a gifted author who never fails to
totally enthrall me with her scintillating stories. I highly recommend this story to anyone
who likes tales of magic and love. Fairies & Cherries is a sensational story that I am
sure others will love just as much as I do.

Shifters & Hot Fudge By Leanne Strange

Adam Spellfire is a demvir who has always wanted one particular woman but has had to
deal with a longstanding curse on the male members of his family. Tristine Havoc is also
plagued by a family curse that keeps her from forming long term relationships with men.
When they meet again after long years apart, the chemistry between them fairly
explodes with heat and passon. Adam and Tristine are wonderful characters. Their
longing for each other is easily visible. The sex is highly explosive and left me
breathless. The secondary characters are intriguing and captured my attention. Bobby
and Josh are terrific as victims of Tristine's family curse. The plot is interesting and kept
my eyes riveted to the pages. Ms. Strange is a talented author with a creative
imagination. I am sure that other readers who enjoy paranormal tales will enjoy this
tantalizing tale just as much as I did. Shifters and Hot Fudge is a keeper!

This terrific book is a collection of short paranormal stories by seven wonderfully gifted
authors who really know how to engage a reader's attention. All of the stories are tied in
together through Spellfire, Texas, and the Sinful Sundaes Ice Cream Shoppe which is
owned by Electra Spellfire. This awesome anthology makes for a perfect read for those
who enjoy reading about supernatural beings. Sinful Sundaes is a fabulous book that I
highly recommend to anyone looking for a great read on a crisp fall night or at any other
time of the year. More Spellfire, Texas please!

Susan White
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance