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ISBN# (10)1-60370-197-4/(13)978-1-60370-197-6
November 7, 2007
Torquere Press
125 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Contemporary Western
Rating: 4 Cups

Teagan Rafferty must assume responsibility of the Sliding A ranch when his father dies. After his partner is injured by a steer, Teagan must locate a healer to help him or lose his property. The minute he sees Cash, he wants him.

Cassius, ‘Cash,’ Whitmore does not take it lightly when anyone makes fun of his name. He makes a point to let them know. After getting hurt from riding a bull, he now ropes steers. He agrees to team with Teagan for a rodeo season.

Teagan remembers how his father started the ranch from the ground up, with strong, hard-working quarter-horses. Unless he can turn the ranch into something profitable, there is nothing much left for an aging rodeo rider. With a partner, at least it would help to make more money. Cash is known as a trouble-maker. Some insist no good can come teaming up with him but Teagan disagrees. While Cash puts his efforts into his work, Teagan’s growing lust for him grows. When the increasing fire between them grows stronger, Teagan wonders if he can handle what Cash brings to the partnership.

If you want to read about some rough and rowdy, smoking-hot cowboys making some difficult choices in life, then Tabula Rasa is the story you do not want to miss. Teagan and Cash demonstrate inner feelings that almost lift off the pages. The storyline moves at a good pace entertaining the reader. Tory Temple sketches cowboys working out their relationship, with devotion and trust, while learning tough lessons in a hard way. She creates unforgettable characters in this intensified read. As much as I knew the guys were rough, I only wished the language could have been toned a bit and it still would have been good.

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