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ISBN#: 9781595784742
June 2008
Liquid Silver Books
89 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Taryn Davies is the owner of The Pines Winery in the Napa Valley. She took over the business after her uncle passed away, and loves every minute of it. However, the loneliness of having no family left weighs on her heavily.

Wade Thornsson has waited his whole life to find his mate, and while three hundred years is an eternity to humans, it is a drop in the bucket for a werewolf. One scent of the woman who came to sell her wine to Wulf’s Den, and Wade knows his search is over.

Wade inhales the scent of his intended mate, and allows nothing to stand in the way of his finding her. Taryn is in shock to find herself intensely attracted to a man who kisses her first, and asks questions later. Her past history with an overbearing man left her more than a little gun shy when it comes to aggression, but Wade is different. With him she feels safe, but also an attraction that is more than physical. Her very soul aches for him. Wade and his pack learn very quickly that there is more to Taryn than even she knows, and the past is ready to come tearing back into their lives. Hatred and jealousy are a deadly combination, especially when it comes in a werewolf form, and Taryn is the prime target.

Be ready with a fan and a cool drink, because this is definitely one hot little number! Wade is absolutely scrumptious, and just foolish enough to give his character a wonderful personality. Taryn’s life is just going through the motions, until she meets Wade, and then she really blossoms. She certainly gives as good as she takes. They are fun, exciting, and more than a little hot and heavy! Ms. Chenery is a favorite, and this is just one more hit on her list.

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