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ISBN# None Available
November 2006
Modern Fantasies
42 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Jane Farley never expected the consequences during a game of truth or dare.

Steven, Jane’s boyfriend, still has set no wedding date.

William Dorset has the perfect body and remarkable clean looks.

It all started as a group of friends having fun and ended in some tequila and games. When Jane is chosen to decide with whom she would love to sleep with, she vividly glances around the room but only one man catches her eye, and that is William. She had many nights already thinking about him making her body explode in heat, but William was a friend of Steven and she was not sure if she should select him. Even though she and Steven are not married, she still feels awkward with the situation but since Steven insists it is only a game, she decides to reveal her ultimate chore. Steven is surprised that Jane would even choose William. After William is faced with the question of wishing to sleep with Jane, his eye contact quickly meets with Steven and he instantly replies no. Steven may have felt relieved with the answer, but Jane feels completely humiliated. Then again, when Steven suggests he share Jane with William, things really take a heated spin. Now Jane finds herself torn between two men, and a bit too much to drink.

Tequila Madness is a wild ride that spins with fun and excitement. The tumultuous emotions between Jane and William are so realistic; the reader can feel it. They certainly know how to pull at the heartstrings and give the reader a ride for the money, as least this reader thought so. Ms. Powers creates a wonderful read that is potent from page one. Cleverly written and amazingly fun, this is one excellent read for anytime of the day.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books