ISBN 1-59279-444-0
Amber Quill Press
283 Pages

Grant Taylor is not quite a juvenile delinquent.  He has fallen in with a bad crowd since
the death of his philandering father.  After he is expelled from public school, his mother
sees no alternative but to send him to Knollwood Academy, a school for troubled boys.  

Coop is an art teacher.  When budget cuts end his job, he is fortunate enough to be able
to live on an inheritance from his Uncle Eb.  Eb worked in maintenance at Knollwood
Academy, and his journal reveals that his death might not have been the accident the
police chief reported.

Knollwood Academy has a long history of educating troubled boys.  It also has a long
history of mysterious disappearances and accidents among the students.  Thousands of
years ago, a demon named Malik was instrumental in destroying the archangel Michael.
 Malik has been building an army since then to overthrow both God and the Devil.  
Knollwood is the training ground.

The Academy is a gripping horror novel.  The atmosphere from the start keeps the
reader on the edge of her seat.  Grant is a very sympathetic character. Lost after the
death of his father, and with a mother who has to work long hours to support them, his
bad choices lead him literally to the devil.  Coop is a dedicated teacher who tries to
overcome the evil that is Knollwood.  This is not a story to read at bedtime.

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Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance