ISBN# 4148005
June 2004
Swan Beauty Publications
Price $3.95
Genre: BDSM/Romance

The Rebirth of Rachel is a wonderfully well-written erotic story and one of the best
dominance/submission stories I have read lately.  It successfully combines romance,
hot sexuality, and even suspense.  

Rachel Wainwright is a woman whose marriage is ending, her children moved out,
and she becomes interested in bondage, domination and submission while surfing the
Internet.  Online she meets Rafael Donavan, and after chatting with her a few months
Rafael knows he wants Rachel.  Rachel is ready to for major changes and wants
Rafael to help her.  Rafael fully intends to be a part of Rachel’s life, and will do what he
feels necessary to make sure things go his way.

The Rebirth of Rachel is a great story that attracts readers with wonderful characters
who have depth but continue to grow.  Readers will enjoy following Rachel as she
begins her new life and can identify with how she makes her choices for a dominant
/submissive lifestyle, becoming a stronger woman.  Rafael is almost the perfect man,
“Alpha” without being obnoxious.  Through Rafael’s training of Rachel the differences
between dominance and abuse are well played out, and to me this is one of the best
facets of the book.  

The author, Christy Poff, has written a story that will keep readers attuned to the
characters and entertained with the plot progressions.  The dialogue is enticing,
realistic, and adds to the story.  This is a keeper.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books  
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance