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ISBN#: (10)0-7783-2562-8 /(13)978-0-7783-2562-8
September 1, 2008
MIRA (Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.)
225 Duncan Mill Rd., Don Mills, Ontario, M3B 3K9
432 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Matt Wells is suffering from terminal writer’s constipation, a complete block. Even the emails that once came in numbers have slowed to a crawl, except for one. This email spells trouble and before Matt knows what hits him, he is in a situation hard to control.

Sara Margaret Robbins has been going out with Matt for three months. She works as a reporter with the Daily Independent. When she finds a huge amount of money at Matt’s home, the curiosity in her comes out. She is eager to learn answers.

Matt feels as if he has sold his soul to the devil. It all started with a fan email WD1612 who let Matt know he knew everything about him, all the way down to his adoptive mother. WD even left five thousand dollars in Matt’s house. Now Matt is told to tell no one, not even his ex-wife, his girlfriend, his mother, or even the police. If he fails to listen, harm might come to his eight-year-old daughter, Lucy. As far as the five thousand dollars, he will spend it exactly as told. Sara happens to see the money, and Matt quickly gives her some excuse without giving any information away. For someone who has always written crime stories, it appears Matt is living one. The more he tries to untangle the mystery, the more frightening fan WD becomes, making Matt wonder who to trust.

The Death List is filled with great writing, an outstanding plot, and a clincher that is unexpected. I found the read totally awesome! The shivers crept down my spine when I began reading about the emails. Oh my, Paul Johnston can write. No sooner had I started the book, the thrills started coming in numbers. This exciting story kept spinning in my head, and would not let me put it down. It is nail-biting twists and turns at every corner. I will confess there are some gory moments that are not for the faint-hearted that are quite gripping. Matt is a likable character and I thought it admirable the way he tries to help protect everyone around him. My heart went out to him. His expressions were so believable in all his actions. I was completely engaged in this intriguing thriller.

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