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ISBN# 978-1-934041-62-8
December 2008
Swimming Kangaroo Books
Trade Paperback
245 pages
Rating: 5 cups

Amber Carfi has lived in the shadow of her father’s criminal career since she was a child. Now as a Falcon’s Bend patrol officer, she will have to face him outside of a jail for the first time since she was seven years old. As if her father’s parole is not enough to deal with, the feelings she has for her partner seem to be going into over drive. And to top it all off, someone has searched her apartment.

Warren Jenson did not think he would ever love another woman after his wife died. But something about Amber calls to him; she has always been there for him. Should he risk taking things further? She is his partner and his best friend. Can he take a chance that he might lose everything again?

Amber is a target, and someone wants her. Who and why can only be guessed, but with her father’s release imminent, everyone suspects it has something to do with him. Amber knows her father has not told her the truth about everything, but does that mean he is involved or not? Warren seems to be getting more protective of her, but he cannot really want anything to do with a tomboy like her, can he?

The Fifteenth Letter is the third book in the Falcon’s Bend series. While it is a standalone read, it has enough hints at the past that you will soon find yourself wanting to read the previous books. The authors worked well together and created characters that are strong and complement each other while remaining independent. Along with a totally original twist on the ‘sins of the father’ theme that is the base of this story. I hope to find both Amber and Warren happy in the next installment of this police series.

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