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ISBN# (10)0-06112576-8/ (13) 978-0-06112576-8
July 1, 2008
Avon A/ Harper Collins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street New York, NY 10022-5299
Trade Paperback
$13.95 US
374 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Hughie Venables-Smythe is an out-of-work actor who thinks he has found his dream job; flirting with women, married women. He is paid by mostly distressed husbands to make their wives feel wanted and not so neglected. Finding that what he is doing seems to work, he tries to put it into practice in his own relationship.

Olivia Bourgalt du Coudray is Hughie's current seduction. She is the wife of a billionaire who likes women much younger than his wife. Leticia Vane is Hughie's current love. They are in a no-strings-attached relationship, only Hughie would like it to be more than that.

Being a courtier is simple; just flirt and never fall for any of the women. But when Hughie puts his plan into action with Leticia, conflict arises. What follows is a series of events that no one would ever expect with lives intersecting in way that was not meant to be, and many revelations about love and friendship.

Flirt is a funny, comical look at love. This is a quick, smooth-flowing story that is just right for a dip into a light romantic comedy without the movie screen, yet fluttering off the pages of a good book. Amusingly charming characters will entertain you until the very end. Ms. Tessaro has given the reader another romance frontrunner.

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